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BLT exists to provide an unconventional hub for all minorities in technology that seek to advance their network and enhance their skills.


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Our Vision

To create the strongest group of minority leaders in the technology industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect talented individuals with unique opportunities for employment, education, and leadership that might not otherwise be afforded to them due to ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

Our Goal

To accelerate the movement of diversity and inclusion within the IT industry by providing opportunities for minorities, of both a professional and student background, to excel in their career.

Elite Membership Program

Join the Elite Team! No matter where you are in your career, we offer multiple resources for free as a member to help you EXCEL in your career and/or business!

Career Transition into Tech Program

Want to leave your current career to transition in a career in Tech. Join this 8-week program to transfer your hard and soft skills into your new IT career field.

STEM Curriculum Program

Are you a city organization, nonprofit, school district, or training facility training to improve or start a STEM program? We have the curriculum and equipment you need!

Career Transition Out of Tech Program

Unhappy with working in tech but, do not want to lose your income doing the career field you love? Earned a degree in tech and is not what you expected? Work with one of our highly skilled career consultants to provide the a one-on-one program specifically crafted for your desired career.

Higher Education Career Readiness Incentive Program

Many Computer Science or equivalent graduates enter the IT career field not realizing the requirements that many companies are seeking from applicants. This package is crafted to help colleges and universities provide additional resources to students as a scholarship in order that will help excel their competitiveness in the IT job market.